Cutouts and coloring

If Pijo and Penda are too hard to make out of yarn, you can make them out of paper! You can simply┬áprint the image below and cut the shapes. Then glue the shapes together and use the string on the bottom to connect the dolls. Use your imagination to draw the faces and decorate Pijo and Penda’s clothes. If you want to take it a step further, you can use glitter, cotton balls or beads to decorate Penda’s dress ­čÖé



We thought it would be fun for you to color a few of the original illustrations in the book.

You can choose from Pijo and Penda on the cover of the book, Angry Baba Marta and Happy Baba Marta. Have fun!

Click on the image to download PDF file for coloring.

Happy Baba Marta - coloring

Pijo and Penda - coloring

Angry Baba Marta - coloring