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“Pijo and Penda: A Story About a Bulgarian Springtime Tradition” is not just a book!

Not only will you learn all about this Bulgarian Springtime tradition, but you also will be able to become part of it. The book comes with a craft project so you can make these cute Pijo and Penda dolls. Also it will teach you a few, related to the story, words in Bulgarian – now that’s real fun! 🙂

It All Started….

… some time in March 2014  when I was trying to explain to my son (4 years old at the time) why he had to wear his martenitsa bracelet every day until the end of the month. For some reason he wasn’t too excited about the fact he had to wear a red and white bracelet made out of yarn. But I kept thinking… he is half Bulgarian! He needs to know his roots and all about Bulgarian traditions and be proud of them, not embarrassed! And one day it hit me! I will write a book about this tradition to make my son proud of it! The more I thought about it, the more ideas started coming in and I really started to get excited to publish a book that will tell all children about this beautiful tradition. The tradition itself brings so much fun because kids do their own crafts out of red and white yarn and they exchange them on March 1. I thought that all children would really enjoy learning how to do that.


It’s important for children to have fun with this because there is something more meaningful behind it than just reading a story and making two dolls out of yarn. This is an opportunity to discover and embrace another culture. Understanding of other cultures is very important today and knowing a little bit about different cultures and languages is a great advantage for young children.

Do you know where Bulgaria is located? Do you know anything about Bulgaria? Parents and teachers can use “Pijo and Penda” as an opportunity to initiate a conversation about Bulgaria or Eastern Europe and this could lead to a prompt cultural or geographic lesson. There is so much out there to explore and “Pijo and Penda: A Story About a Bulgarian Springtime Tradition” is a perfect way to introduce this ancient Bulgarian tradition and culture to  children all over the world.